Century provides an end-to-end telecom-focused Business Support System out-of-the-box in license based or SaaS business model. Extensive for covering all current telecom and media industry’s business requirements. It provides a unified view of infrastructure and customer data for managing orders, quotes, and contracts. Additionally, it offers rollout and provisioning of products and services with subsequent billing, accounts receivable and complete customer lifetime value management.

Century easily builds your business DNA

Integrated architecture based on a collection of technological capabilities and components meant to create interoperability of a set of services that can be combined within a configurable process flow.

Century enables complete management of the following:

  • Product Lifecycle
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Revenue Lifecycle
  • Predictive Operations and Artificial Intelligence
  • Integration Catalyst

Product Lifecycle

Sell what your customers demand including complex enterprise offerings and personalized offerings

Customer Lifecycle

Manage your customers from demand to contract to invoice, to provide lifetime value

Revenue Lifecycle

Manage your products with pricing, discounting, and instant or permanent campaigns to meet the demands of customers

Predictive Operations enhanced with Artificial Intelligence

Analyze, escalate or drill down data to find your customers the best offer, next step or stage of development, to increase revenue faster using guided selling

Integration Catalyst

Managing of APIs configuration and integration of systems into harmonized working environment

Implementation agnostic


Century is a native cloud application. Developed using micro-services, and it is offered as a classical SaaS.

There is no need to customize the embedded, pre-designed best practices workflows. This business model enables our customers to advance while avoiding high CAPEX. Only pay for the selection and volume of services you use monthly.

Private Cloud

For companies with their own developed infrastructure and distributed across multiple territories, a private cloud would be the business model of choice. This enables the use of existing security systems or seamlessly integrating with other existing systems.

Century’s Native Web Applications with resources and business generated content are available over any standard web browser, including mobile devices with ready to go iOS and Android apps.

On Premises

CSPs with well-established systems and in-house resources for configuration and integration of various systems prefer deployment of Century on premises. Considered as a one-time capital investment Century on premises offers multiple advantages, including seamless interoperability with other systems, linear scalability and HW independence. Enabling security by existing systems, also available for potential personalization and quick deployment.

Convergent End-to-End BSS solutions Out-of-the-Box using Century

End-to-End BSS

Excelacom’s evolutionary approach allows your business to create and grow the platform as your strategy changes with market-demands. Using Century’s predefined applications and Excelacom’s experience in the development of software systems and business processes, we are proud to say that we have an end-to-end, open, scalable carrier-grade and reliable, turnkey BSS system for telecom operators.

Century features numerous ready to deploy applications created with pre-built components, which are easy to reuse in creating new business functions or applications.

Convergent operations - accomplished

Century enables all kinds of convergent scenarios independent of line of business, payment methods, customer segments, processing, session type, and network and business model.

The solution not only assists telecom operators in protecting their market share, but it also enables them to conquer their competitors’ markets piece-by-piece. Century enables micro-segmentation, instant campaigns, bill cycle quality assurance, flexible thresholds for budget and cost control to allow total convergence of all segments, line of business, payment methods, or service controls.

MVNO Ready

The continued success of MVNOs lies in their ability to differentiate and micro segment their offerings to their customer base. Century provides three different options for MVNOs allowing them to select their investment and hit the ground running with ready to go business processes and workflows. We are able to support complete end-to-end systems, enabling light, branded reseller and full flagged MVNO.

Low-coding, No customization

Century provides a unified view of infrastructure and customer data for managing orders, quotes, and contracts along with the rollout and provisioning of products and services, easily adoptable by business users.

A myriad of ready to use applications






















Century Fully Configurable Platform with Powerful Components

Century CRM

Adopt the “Age of the Customer” Mindset

Century Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a comprehensive set of tools blended together for the perfect customer experience, increased company-wide collaboration and sustainable growth. Sitting as a state-of-the-art solution over a configurable low-code platform, Century CRM provides a unique user experience that can be personalized and adopted, even by non-technical users.

Benefits of using Century CRM

  • Centralized control, access, and visibility of products and services
  • End-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Consistent product definitions
  • Integration of silo-based architecture
  • Unified inbound/outbound integrated product master for multiple applications
  • Normalized and holistic product and service data model across the enterprise

Century Analytics

Utilizing user behavior and predictive analysis to pinpoint the best option for your customer. Our platform enables real-time analysis of data points, escalations, drilldown, and predictive analysis to make better decisions and create the best offers for end-users.

Benefits of using Century Analytics

  • Increase Productivity
  • Integrate Data Management
  • Create Data Visibility
  • Eliminate Areas of Failure
  • Create Accountability
  • Improve Customer Experience

Century Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Featuring state-of-the-art AI for selection of the best products in accordance to the customer parameters. Gain the confidence to move from one-size-fits-all to a targeted and personalized offering approach. Real-time data mining, business analytics, and artificial intelligence for effective customer, employee, and network management.

Benefits of using Century AI

  • Enables analysis of multiple data, escalations, drilldown, and predictive analysis for making better decisions and creating the best offers for end-users
  • Drive intelligent decisions
  • Utilize our embedded AI to gain the insight you need to stay ahead of the competition

Century Revenue Management

Century Revenue Management is a seamless, dynamic tool that provides an overview of each business process from contract to cash. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to manage and regain control of contracts, billing, collections, product catalog, accounts and gather analytics all in one system.

Benefits of Century Revenue Management

  • Increase customer satisfaction rates via cross-departmental visibility
  • Reduced billing disputes and revenue leakages achieved via accurate and structured invoices
  • Extended product offers with flexible price opportunities
  • Effective revenue planning and revenue recognition compliance
  • Quickly identify revenue opportunities and drive positive business outcome

Century Platform

Provides ease of use and technology isolation for end-users and customers to achieve business objectives of the new digital world with less concern over technological changes.

Stay ahead of the competition

Our low-code platform provides a fully configurable visual canvas and business-focused applications and workflows to quickly build an automated, modernized interface. The simple point-and-click interface drives easy adoption for sales agents, service technicians, customer service representatives, project managers, and management teams. Business teams can quickly transform the front office for faster adoption and increased innovation.

Century’s advanced collaboration functionality enables task management and flawless workflow creation as well as instant reporting and transparency of operations.

With the current landscape in our industry, it’s time to implement automated solutions to help stay ahead of your competitors.

An integrated architecture based on a collection of technology capabilities and components, to create an interoperable set of services brought together under a configurable process flow for the creation of applications and workflows.

Growth Through Digital Transformation

Let us create the necessary edge for you to stay ahead of the competition. Our platform enables you to instantly jump to a high level of process maturity and the ability for your personnel to act quickly and efficiently. Preparing them for any market or operational changes required to drive your business development.

Century’s visual interface, combined with its form builder and feature-rich platform allows the Business User to configure and grow a robust, market-driven platform. All at an accelerated rate as the company’s strategy and processes evolve. Easily introduce new products, change pricing models, while delivering products and services.

Finally, our modularized approach not only fits within our product ecosystem but allows additional products to be introduced into the client’s environment.

Additionally, it enables rapid expansion for future growth, without costly IT investments.